Aya – Go On (demo)

A while ago I got in contact with the – very young – guys from Aya and was invited to jam with them. Because at the time the band only consisted of a lead singer/guitarist and drummer, I played bass for a few rehearsals. During the second rehearsal I decided to cut a demo of the drum track. Initially the intention was mostly for practice and evaluation purposes.

Since drummer Sjoerd did such a great job, this live take of his drum part ended up being the basis for a demo recording embedded in this post. I recorded all additional parts (guitar, bass and vocals) in my home studio in Rotterdam. Lead singer/guitarist Marijn came to my apartment to play most guitar parts and vocals in one afternoon. I recorded my bass parts at the very end (Sir Paul style), and then also added af few very basic guitar parts to ‘thicken’ some segments up a bit during the mixing phase.

Recording and producing this demo was done in a quite minimalistic fashion: Drums were recorded in a mediocre rehearsal space (Spod in Delft), using just three mics (dynamics on the kick and snare, and a condenser to pick up overall drums, cymbals and ambience). All guitar parts were recorded using my Orange guitar amp head through a load box and speaker sim (because using a real speaker cab is simply too loud in my apartment). Vocals were recorded using the same condenser mic used for the drum recordings, in combination with a simple reflection shield and pop filter. Bass was recorded through a DI/SansAmp. GarageBand was used to produce and mix the demo, using standard plugins only (and sparsely).

Given all of the above, I’m quite content with how the demo turned out. It’s both a testament to the resources available to the amateur musician nowadays, as it is to the songwriting talent of Marijn and musical performance skills of both Marijn and Sjoerd.

Please let me know what you think in the comments section below!

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