Casey Neistat Wisdom Retrieved through Frinkiac

Somewhere during the last quarter of 2015 I learned about vlogger/film maker Casey Neistat through this video. Ever since he’s become the first daily vlogger I actually consume on the daily and I can honestly say he’s been a huge inspiration ever since.

I especially appreciate his focus on positivity, activity and production. One of his recurring mottos that illustrate this is “work harder”, as tattooed on his arm as a permanent reminder.

Without context it can seems quite superficial, but if you watch his videos and follow his work, you will see how it translates into a admirable work ethic and general attitude towards life.

Yesterday a colleague pointed me to this very cool Simpsons meme generator (actually a very innovative search engine). I thought I’d use it to create a small Casey Neistat hommage:


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