Recording an EP: Drums Pre-production

Last weekend I’ve started working on an *exiting new music project* I’ll be pursuing over the next couple of months: Together with my long-time friend and co-musician Remon, we are producing and recording a four track EP. And to capture and share the progress, I’m making a video series about it!

This video gives an impression of our first step in the process: Pre-producing the drum parts, using an electronic drum kit for tracking. This provided an easy way for us to go through the arrangements of the songs for the EP and sketch/determine what the final drum parts need to be like.

Remon editing drums
Remon editing drums

As a next step in our process I will record a final bass track to the drum parts we tracked last weekend, as a basis for Remon to lay down the final drum parts. For the ‘feel’ of the drums, Remon likes his drum parts for a song to be recorded in one take, instead of bits and pieces pasted together.

When Remon finishes the final versions of the drum parts, I will start working on re-recording all the other instruments (based on our earlier demos). I intend to create more videos of the different stages in this process and share them through this blog.

Some background:

Remon and myself go way back. I think we started playing together in 2004, when he replaced the original drummer of Guaranteed a Lifetime*.

Group Photo 2004

The last couple of years we’ve been making music together again remotely. We’ve been mailing song parts back and forth, recorded in our respective home studios. Up until now this has resulted in about 12 songs in different stages of finalization.

Around the turn of the year, we agreed we needed to have a concrete goal for the ideas we had laying around. That’s why we’ve decided to create a four track EP.

The first – and only – other concrete outcome of our current collaboration has been a video submission for the Art Rocks contest in 2014:

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