[DUTCH] De tentoonstellingsmaker van de 21ste eeuw (2017-2019)

Front page of the publication De tentoonstellingsmaker van de 21ste eeuw

Als expert publieksparticipatie bij het Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid, was ik betrokken bij een onderzoeksproject waarin de Hogeschool van Amsterdam in samenwerking met diverse musea en ontwerpbureaus, een werkwijze heeft ontwikkeld waarmee tentoonstellingsmakers op een meer gerichte manier de reacties van bezoekers op ontwerpbeslissingen kunnen evalueren.

Dit onderzoek – gefinancierd door Regieorgaan Praktijkgericht Onderzoek SIA – beschrijft deze werkwijze in de publicatie De Tentoonstellingsmaker van de 21ste Eeuw: Ontwerpen voor beleving, waaraan ik als deelnemer aan het project heb bijgedragen.

Daarnaast leverde het project ook een toolkit voor tentoonstellingsmakers op, die aansluit op de werkwijze die in de publicatie wordt beschreven.

Picture of the element included in the toolkit De tentoonstellingsmaker van de 21ste eeuw
Overzichtsfoto van de toolkit

TILT: Storytelling platform (2019)

Screenshot of the mobile version of TILT.

As a concept developer and information architect at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, I helpt realize TILT, a mobile-first platform to publish and share high-end online stories about media. This platform was realized in collaboration with digital agency IN10.

Using the new storytelling platform Sound and Vision can now tell stories about media that fit the media usage of nowadays (snackable, mobile, visually appealing).

The platform provides an innovative way to tell stories, in both content and form. Using a system of vertical cards, from which contributors can build custom stories. This format was designed specifically for short attention spans, in vertical orientation, using a no-scrolling, but swiping interaction, and making use of visual language and visually appealing images.

To enable future possibilities for content integration (with our online collection for example), we made sure all stories can be tagged with subjects from our controlled vocabulary GTAA (Dutch).

Trivia: TILT was nominated for various awards, like the 2019 Museums and the Web GLAMi Award and a 2019 Webby Award.

New website version 0.2

Screenshot of version 0.2 of this website.

This week I made good progress with this website (if I may say so myself).

First I settled on the Counter WordPress theme, as the fundament for the design and structure of this website.

Then I started hacking to make the thema a bit more to my liking. I altered the CSS to change the color scheme and fix some inconsistencies in how the different templates in the theme loaded (thanks to Maarten Zeinstra for some tips!).

I also added some PHP functions (like the_excerpt()) to change how post content loaded in category pages, because I wanted them to show an overview of posts first, and not the entire posts, like on the homepage of this website.

I’ll continue to add content over the coming weeks, to see how this may change the requirements for the design and structure of this website.

Open Images (2008-2015)

Screenshot of the www.openimages.eu website.

As a project manager and concept developer at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, I researched, designed, and developed the Open Images project as part of the mass digitisation project Images for the Future. This resulted in the realisation (development by AndrĂ© van Toly) – coordinated by myself and Maarten Zeinstra (working at Kennisland at the time) – of the open media platform Open Images.

The Open Images online platform enables the reuse of digitised audiovisual heritage through a clever combination of open source software, open web technology, Creative Commons licenses, open video formats, and a powerful API based on the OAI-PMH open standard. This has for example resulted in massive uptake of the material in Wikipedia, reaching millions of readers every month.

You can read more about the project here.

Trivia: In 2010 Open Images received a honorable mention from the Dutch Secretary of State Marja van Blijsterveldt-Vliegenthart (Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science) as a best-practice for open video applications.

New website version 0.1

Screenshot of version 0.1 of this website.

The last few weeks – after having started with a clean slate – I’ve been working on redesigning this website.

I’ve added an initial structure for visitors to navigate the website and added some example content for each category.

In the coming weeks I hope to add more content. I also hope to find an alternative to the default WordPress template I’m currently using, and tweak that to my liking. Recommendations are welcome!